Sunday, July 18, 2010

snes-sdk update

After about a year I finally got around to do something with snes-sdk again. I fixed it to build (ahem), and added some of the optimizations from a tool called optimore to the peephole optimizer. (I do not recommend to use optimore, BTW. I have found at least some of the optimizations to cause test suite failures...)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Linux and the built-in flash

I don't know if this is generally known, but I've been digging into the original firmware, and it appears that the flash translation layer used for the internal memory is NFTL. At least some left-over debug strings strongly point in that direction. NFTL is readily supported by the Linux kernel, but there's a problem: When I enable the jz4740 NAND flash support in the opendingux kernel, it freezes at some point during bootup, so I cannot test my assumption.

(Also tried the legacy kernel, but it wouldn't even compile with NFTL enabled.)