Saturday, June 19, 2010

opendingux-kernel work

I created an opendingux-kernel fork on GitHub yesterday, and added some of my stuff:

  • FBIOA320TVOUT ioctl, which is the LCD controller part of dingoo-tvout done properly in the kernel where it belongs. There is a corresponding dingoo-tvout branch that makes use of it.
  • CPUFreq driver based on the ubiquitous jz_cpuspeed() function. This driver is not perfect yet (TV image loses sync for a brief moment when changing frequencies, and too rapid rescaling breaks USB networking), and definitely needs some adjustments for coding style, but it is already way better than the currently preferred method of messing with the PLL and dividers in userspace.
  • Port of the /proc/jz interface from the Ingenic kernel. I like it, it's good for debugging clock stuff.


  1. You can request commit access to the repo from mth or CongoZombie on #dingoonity on freenode, then it can be added to the OpenDinux kernel instead of being a separate fork :)

  2. That's how git works. Please read

  3. IMO /sys/kernel/debug/jz4740-clocks is a nicer way to debug the clock settings

  4. I took Uli's cpufreq driver and cleaned it up a bit. It does not fully conform to Ingenic's specs yet, but it should be more robust. I made some binaries for people interested in testing it. See this page for more info.