Friday, November 23, 2012

xrick for SPMP8000

Here's a port of xrick for the SPMP8000 platform. I always wanted to be the first to port the most ported game of all times to a "new" platform. :) Source code is at the usual place.
Please note that I have only tested this build on the JXD 100 because my wife brought the A1000 on a trip, so I can't use it for development ATM.

There are a few new features in the library as well:

  • A couple of new test firmwares (JXD A16, 2000, and 300); all passed the tests without any changes.
  • I have added two NativeGE hooks I found in the A16 firmware, NativeGE_SPUCommand() and NativeGE_getTPEvent(). I have no idea what the former does, but the latter obviously allows you to poll for touchscreen events. I do not have a touchscreen SPMP8000 device (yet), so I cannot test this right now.
  • Followed a suggestion by Sea S to fall back to the HZX16 font if the Sunplus fonts are not available. This is a phenomenon I have never encountered in any official firmware, but there seem to be custom firmwares with those fonts removed.
  • I have exposed _putc (and named it _diag_putc to avoid clashing with newlib). It's the character output function used by diag_printf(), which is used for all operating system debug output. By redirecting it to your own implementation you can, for instance, redirect system debug output to a file.
Have fun!


  1. Hi friend, this is a great job!
    My JXD1000 the following command on the shoulders, L - the end game, R - Reset the game to go into a folder. Start - Pause
    I have 480x272 but the game is 4:3 aspect ratio

    I think you are the one who can do a full port DOOM , and a lot of wonderful things ;)

  2. Thank you for your work. This is great! Works fine.

  3. To start need hard way root\games\xrick.bin unpack sound(i unpack it). Control : up - jump, action key - is "O". "O"+up - fire, "O"+down - dinomite. "O"+ left or rigth - somthing else (pipe in hand!? what hi must do :-) ). Left shift is game over, right shift -exit without message :-) It cool, man! thx many times!!!

    p.s. use jxd a1000 (please reconfig action buttons). play without sound. Now need charge player :-)