Saturday, December 1, 2012

Win32 Toolchain (and a teaser)

I painstakingly built a Win32 (MinGW) arm-eabi toolchain, maybe that'll be of use to some people. Extract it in the root of your MinGW system. (Or, better yet, get yourself a real operating system, even if it's just Mac OS or something like that.)

Apart from the previously mentioned adbg and better support for building on Windows, the library has received a few small touchups:

  • The startup code, header files, and linker script have been made C++-ready.
  • The newlib/eCos glue translates stat()'s st_mode correctly now, so you can distinguish between files and directories.
  • The utility function libgame_chdir_game() changes to a well-defined directory (the "GAME" folder), making it easier to find data files.

And these unassuming little fixes allow us to do this:

(Yes, that's ScummVM. The photos have been taken with the JXDs, my apologies. :)

Stay tuned...


  1. Great work !

    I have a JXD 100 too and am really interested in running emulators on it.

    Didn't believe Scummvm could run :D

  2. Wow, jeez, I'm afraid to think what else could SPMP8k ))))

  3. Cool! Great work! I can't believe, that someone continues develops emulators for our devices

  4. Отлично! Надо тоже заняться чем нибудь полезным ))